Pascaline lives in her camper van full-time

Pascaline packed her bags, hit the road and lives minimalistically in her camper van: “I take every day as it comes”

“He lifts the cap off the Leffe Royale and each in turn, we take a sip. We sit in silence. I stare into the distance and spot a few wild moose. A few days ago, I asked Ben to stop for a picture of the first one we came across – by now I’ve lost count of how many we’ve passed. My legs feel tense and my feet sore. The 8 kilometer walk that led us here guided us along streams and rocks and through rough nature. I can’t find the right words to describe what’s in front of me, but I’ll forever hold this moment dear. I never dreamed of this place, but here I am: the North Cape. Added to our itinerary by mere coincidence, but serving as a kind note to self: the places that have impressed and surprised me the most, were never the ones on my bucket list.”
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