Meet your writer a.k.a. word stylist

Hello from the other side! My name is Anne-Fleur, the founding face behind Wordrobe. Throughout these past 3 decades, I’ve come to the realisation there’s one place I belong: behind a writer’s desk. I’ve had many dreams about my purpose, but writing (short stories, travel diaries, columns – you name it) has been my red thread through life.

When I turned 30 in the summer of 2020, I entered a fascinating, diverse community. Some 30-something women are (dreaming to become) mothers, while others have decided they won’t take up the title. Some have said ‘I do’, others are mending the pieces of a broken heart – or looking for love. Some have moved abroad, others continue to search for their place in the world. Every story is worth a listening ear, but I missed a platform that gathered them all.

Enter Wordrobe!

Before launching this project, I tested the waters of people-centered stories as a contributor for outlets in Belgium and Canada. My work has been featured in a.o. Goed Gevoel, I Love Antwerp and Richmond News.

Can’t wait to meet you and discover your story!

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